Safari 2005 Photo Gallery

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The 2005 Subaru Safari took place in the Southern Forests around Geeveston. WICEN provided Results comms for the event.

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On Safari

VK7LE having fun

Doody's Hill Link Site

2m repeater on Kermandie Ridge (Heat 1) and Blue Hill (Heat 2) linked to Rally Base via 2m/70cm X-band link. - pic XRN

Geeveston from Doody's Hill

Rally Base located in Geeveston - pic XRN

Arve Finish

Geoff and Ray in reflective mood during a break - pic XRN

Arve Start

Steve and Rhonda deep in the forest - pic XRN

Hermon's Start

All quiet between first and second run on Heat 1 - pic XRN

Breakfast at Arve Strart

Rhonda cooks up the bacon butties - pic rs

Bowling Start

TRF's low level coudbuster - pic ZZ

Having a Good Time

Aaron at Adamson's Start - pic HDS

Adamsons Start

JGD's 3.5 cylinder machine - pic HDS

Temporary Install at Adamson's Start

HDS's FT2800 plugged in for the event - pic HDS

Heat 1 Repeater Kermandie Ridge

BW and HAW's family concern

Heat 2 Repeater Blue Hill

Competition! - pic HAW

2m Repeater

BW with his pride and joy - pic HAW

Dual Purpose Repeater

The event's most expensive coffee brew stand - pic HAW

Home from Home

DY and Wendy at Creekton Finish - pic DY

Better than DY's shed?

Thomas with Wendy at CreektonbFinish - pic DY

Ready for Action

Aaron at Edwards Start - pic DY

Early Start

Mist and smoke at Edwards Start - pic DY

Lined up to go

Waiting to start Edwards - pic DY

JGD Nose in the Book

Checking the first car time - pic Aaron

View from Edwards Start

Kicking up dirt - pic Aaron


Last stage of the event! Look at the tree.

Tree close up

Now what do you see?

Wind up BBQ

TPE putting his best foot forward

Wind up BBQ

Dog's life