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Photos of folk doing interesting things, or simply having fun

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Roger VK7XRN Aloft

Refitting the 6m antenna after adjustments 19 July 2004


On the heavy end

Horse Endurance Ride Orford March 2005

Map showing location of Base, repeater and checkpoints

Checkpoint 4

A rider passes the checkpoint. Clickety Click goes Clippity Clop

Decide for yourself!

Are you protected?

DY's Precision Tool Workshop

Ken VK7DY with his Little Devil 2.4GHz wi-fi antenna

DY at Home

Ken VK7DY on his antennae and windmill farm

The Webmeister

VK7XRN at home

6m and up

Some of Vk7XRN's antennae


Dawn over Barnes Bay, Bruny Island, Tasmania

ATV on Mt Wellington

Roger VK7ARN and Ken VK7DY

ATV Mt Wellington

Ken VK7DY, Karsten VK5ZKT, Roger VK7ARN and Damien VK7HDS at the Chalet.

Snug Tiers R5 mast

Attached to corner of TSMRG container

Snug Tiers

Mast base

Snug Tiers R5 Mast

Top swivel bracket

Snug Tiers R5 Mast

Bottom bracket

Snug Tiers

Fishing for signals

STER Endurance Ride

VK7FDNA at Checkpoint 2. Ready for breakfast service. August 2006

STER Endurance Ride

VK7ZZ BAse Operator at his pre dawn post. August 2006

End of 2006 BBQ

NXX, Nola, Bev, FMOW, HAW, DM

End of 2006 BBQ


End of 2006 BBQ

BW, JGD, Michelle, Maureen, TPE, Sue. Out of shots ARN & FMEL

Sydney Hobart 2006

Maj. Charlie Roberts - Skipper - HMSTS Adventure - Royal Corps of Signals

John Moyle Field Day 2007


John Moyle Field Day 2007