How we do it.

Most of our equipment is owned by our members.  Part of the pleasure is gained from preparing for events.  Largely, these are catered for on a mobile or portable basis.  Some are in relatively remote places so being self contained is a part of our preparation.  Whether you camp, caravan, bed down in the back of your vehicle or make use of available accommodation is your choice.

Operating stations vary greatly but are commonly in vehicles or temporary accommodation - a member's caravan, campervan, a tent, cottage or shearing shed.  Not all events involve over-nighting but that adds to the enjoyment.  A larger 4WD vehicle is useful but certainly not essential.

Dawn start on Targa Tasmania
Packing up
Operating a repeater
We try to organise ourselves so as to provide opportunities to follow individual special interests, be they radio related or in some other field.  Supporting each other provides learning by doing, which we favour.