What we do

Early start at Woodstock STER ride
Our role is important to the event organizers.  They depend on us to deliver our service, as needed and on time.  This is a significant difference between WICEN radio and Amateur Radio in general.  We get our satisfaction, and fun, by providing as close to a professional service as we can get.  The old gambit of "It's only Amateur Radio" is a no go for us.  It has to work.
We 'play' radio - like professional footballers play football - seriously.  Foremost, we do it because we enjoy the challenge of building and using our equipment and making the systems work, but the friendship and social aspect is important too.
We get our reward by doing it well.  We provide a service to the community.  This might be in a serious emergency service capacity, assisting the Tasmania Fire Service with radio operations for Incident Management Teams.  More likely, it's assisting community groups with radio communications for their events.
TFS Incident Management
Hands on workshop
Breakfast on Targa
Endurance Ride Base